The Fill Your Group FAST Workshop

Your action steps and accountability for filling groups FAST, even if you hate marketing and have no idea where to start.

I'm ready to fill my group!

Is this you?

You’ve been blogging and posting and networking to try and get your group full.

People are “excited” and think it’s a “great idea” but their feedback isn’t converting into clients on the couch.

You have an awesome idea for a group and get a few bites here or there, but not enough to start that group that you know is going to make an impact on your clients.

You may have one or two current clients who are so ready to go, but you don’t want to start a “group” without enough members to actually have a group!

You’re ready to maximize your time in the office by making an impact on more people at the same time, at a lower price of entry for them, but a higher overall hourly rate for you just have no idea how to get started or market effectively.

Let me teach you my 3-step funnel that fills groups lightning fast.

Not only can I help you fill your group, I can show you EXACTLY how much it costs to acquire a new client. (And give you handy tool to track it all.)

... so that you're never wishing and waiting for enough group clients to start your group that's going to change the world

... so that you're never wondering where your clients are coming from and how you can repeat the steps again to get more of them

... so that you finally have the repeatable system that grows your groups and creates group members for you on demand.

3-steps is all it takes!

Have I peaked your curiosity?!   Read on for the details!

This Workshop is NOT for everyone!

Ask yourself the following questions before you proceed…

Do I already have a clear group idea and niche population in mind?

Do I see the value in paid marketing and investing in my business in order to GROW it?

(You’ll be asked to spend about $500 in ad spend to turbocharge you towards your goal.)

Am I open to learning and implementing a PROVEN process, even if it stretches me outside of my comfort zone?

And can I be decisive enough to implement before procrastination and self-doubt get in my way?

Do I have a mindset of resourcefulness and a willingness to ask, “Where can I find the answer to this?” rather than, “Why isn’t this working?” >> In an intentional effort to manage my energy, I am no longer available to work with complainers and excuse-makers.

If you’re still with me, then read on for how the workshop is delivered…


On your program start date, you’ll receive full access to a library of resources, templates, scripts and how-to's. Each module contains video, webinar and/or worksheet content and transcripts that are designed to take you from idea to full group over the course of 6 weeks. It’s action-step packed and designed with implementation for the busy therapist in mind.


You’ll also gain FULL access to me as your coach for video office hours where I will personally finesse your copy, give you feedback on your ads and how to maximize the return on your investment, plus help you hustle hard to get your group off the ground by the end of our time together.


This is a DONE-WITH-YOU model for filling groups that’s like being able to borrow my brain (the one that fills groups in a week) so that you can learn the repeatable process with the guru by your side.

Here’s how it’s all going to go down…

Module 1

We’ll clarify your client attraction foundation with a solid group offer and copy that converts

Module 2

I’ll hand you my proven social media domination strategy that will have your community knowing your name in no time flat

Module 3

We’ll cover your “click to clients” paid advertising strategy that calls in clients by the group

Module 4

Learn my QUICK client acquisition strategies to leverage the connections you already have and fill remaining spots in your group

Module 5

Master your group screening calls so that you can go from “hello” to “yes” in a few simple steps

Module 6

It’s time to close any loops and FILL THAT GROUP!!!

The Investment:

Your say YES moment to a new group!

For the proven process that has worked to fill groups for me and dozens of other therapists who have been through this course and done the work, PLUS… full on access to me in twice monthly coaching calls for feedback, review and implementation of everything you’re learning to FILL YOUR GROUP,

I've created 4 payment options that make saying YES an absolute no-brainer for you!

Most therapists will make the full investment back within their first month of groups AND have a repeatable process to create group clients on demand moving forward forever!

Grab your seat.

Start filling groups like magic!

The A's to your Q's

What if I hate Facebook or fear social media or don't really want to show up at all in my marketing?

Thanks for asking.  If the above describes you, I'd strongly encourage you to seek support to work on your mindset before you try to implement these strategies.  Or, decide how you feel comfortable being seen.  Because marketing without being seen is, well... it's hiding.

How long do I have access to the course?

For effing ever!  Seriously, I'm on a mission to help as many therapists as possible create more opportunities for clients so that we can heal the world together.  You have access to the course for as long as the course lives in existence AND every time I update the course, you get access to that material too.  

If you know anything about Facebook, you know that it's always changing and investing into this course is like investing in an insurance policy that you'll always be in-the-know like the industry leaders are.

When are the coaching calls for support and feedback?

Live calls are offered twice monthly on Wednesdays at 2 pm eastern, September through May.  They are recorded so if you miss one, you can catch the replay.  As a course member, you have ongoing access to live office hours!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Here's how I see it... when you invest in a course, you invest in the energy of the course creator.  You invest in the accountability of your cohort.  You invest in the information and strategy that has the capacity to transform your business.

But ultimately the work (inside and out) is up to you.  When your clients come to see you and they don't make immediate gains, you ask them to trust the process and keep showing up.  You don't refund them.

So, while there are no refunds, there's lots of love, lots of support and lots of opportunity for you to step into the most impactful version of yourself.

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