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I help therapists grow groups and develop teams so they can scale their impact and increase their income, without adding more hours in the office.

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Grow your group with some podcast awesomeness to supercharge your marketing know-how and support you in your planning process too!

How to Market and Fill Up Your Newly Created Groups

Click the icon to listen as chat with Melvin Varghese of Selling the Couch. I share about my top 3 ways to market your group, along with my ninja-like Facebook strategies for full group success.  (This part one of two!)

5 Ways to Market Groups

Click the icon to listen to my chock-filled conversation with Kate and Katie of Private Practice Startup.  I cover the nitty gritty of building an incredible referral network, creating email marketing campaigns, stellar client experiences, and of course... Facebook marketing!

Market & Price Your Groups to Fill

Click the icon to listen to my 3-part podcast series with Allison Puryear of Abundance Practice Builders.  I dive deeply into perfect group pricing, strategic marketing and the pros and cons of open versus closed groups so that you can make a plan for the group that best meets your ideal clients' needs.

It's Time to Show Up + Shine!

I've built my business by being myself and your ideal group clients need to find YOU! Join me as I interview Kat Love of Empathy Sites on branding, vulnerability and visibility in your group marketing.

Fill Your Groups with Facebook!

Listen and learn as I share with Perry from Brighter Vision about how to write an effective Facebook ad and target it to your ideal client population.

Listen Here

All Things Group Therapy

Curt and Katie talk of Therapy Reimagined about the clinical elements of group creation as well as the business elements that support effective groups. We look at screening, developing the group container, and curriculum considerations.

Listen Here

Creating a Niche Group

In this podcast with Allison Pidgeon, we cover how to niche down, how to solidify systems in your group practice, my three step interview and hiring process and the details of me buying two commercial buildings in two years.

Listen Here

How To Market (and FILL) Your New Therapy Group 

Listen to my interview with Daniel Fava of Private Practice Elevation HERE.

How much do I charge for groups?

Click the icon to check out my guest vlog on Tiffany McClain's site to learn my perfect pricing formula and how to position your group as value-first to your clients.

Market Your Group Like a Pro

Click the icon to read about the ultimate "step 0" to ensure that your groups fill fast when you start the marketing process.  It's all over on Daniel Fava's website about therapist websites!

Master the Mindset for Massive Abundance

Lean into fear and discomfort.  Intoxicating success is on the other side.  Learn more about mastering the mindset by clicking the icon to read my spotlight on Sarah Leitschuh's blog.

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