Stabilize & Scale

A comprehensive program to grow your group practice from start to finish

We are on a mission to help group practice owners run a thriving business that still breathes the culture they believe in. We help practice owners beat burnout, crush self doubt and stabilize rapid growth so they can scale with intention.

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Group Practice Owners, We See You.

You're an entrepreneur with a powerful vision and an unwavering dream.

Your passion for providing clinicians with a fulfilling career and your community with hope and healing has brought you to where you are today.

Your mind is constantly buzzing with new ideas to enhance your team and propel your practice towards greater success.

You've experienced significant growth, whether it was the transition from a private practice to hiring your first employee, or expanding your workforce to include 10+ employees, leaving you with the daunting question of "what's next, and how do I get there?"

The journey has been incredibly rewarding... and also it's been fucking exhausting.

Despite the challenges, you remain determined and committed to your mission, driven to achieve your ultimate goals.

You're ready to Stabilize & Scale.

You love the impact and income of having a group practice and yet... 

You've hit the ceiling.

Growing is getting confusing and overwhelming.  You're not sure how to scale or how much more you want to grow.

Systems are bottlenecking and breaking down.  You started a group practice to work LESS and suddenly you're in the mix waaaayyyy more than you imagined.

Employees are expecting more pay and more benefits for hours they don't want to work and productivity goals they haven't met in years.

You dream of having a point person for staff questions and complaints... anyone that isn't YOU managing the day-to-day but have no idea how to make that dream a reality.

Counseling centers are being bought out or beat out by tech companies and venture capitalists and you're starting to understand why.  You're tired.

You're determined to be on the winning side of statistics to forge your mission forward.

Join our growing community of practice owners who are working towards collaborative freedom in their businesses. Our all-inclusive event covers food, accommodations and everything you need to know to run a self-managing and sustainable group practice!

Vision Clarity

Get everyone in your company 100% on the same page with where you are going and how you plan to get there. Create cohesion and team buy-in for building the future of your practice.

The Right People in 
the Right Seats

Your practice is only as good as the people who work within it.  Learn the tools and disciplines to develop great team members who are hungry to help you succeed.

The Data to Predict
Profitable Patterns

Learn to run your business on facts, figures and objective information rather than the flooding of feelings that often drive your decision making (and your stress level.)

Overcome the Issues

Uncover every broken system, bottleneck and shit-starter in your business and develop a repeatable pattern for solving problems at the root.  No more holding your practice together with band-aids, packing tape and twine.

Perfect Your Processes

Get everything done in your business the right way every single time.  No more confusion.  No more "quick question" emails a million times a day.  Gain consistency and scalability for your vision.

Maximize Momentum

Bring your vision to the ground, with the right leadership team, the right meetings and the right priorities.  Become an unstoppable force.

Here's what's included:

By enrolling, you'll receive exclusive access to a wealth of valuable resources and support to help you grow and succeed as an entrepreneurial group practice owner.

Quarterly Live

Learning Days:

 Join our experts, Katie and Shaelene, as you learn new strategies and insights to run your practice like a successful business.

Our on-demand content library is also available to help you reinforce and refresh your learning.

This package is valued at $9,600.

2-Day Live

Consolidate your learning and plan for your next level wins with our 2-day in-person conference.

This all-inclusive conference is the perfect opportunity to connect with other professionals and gain valuable insights and ideas.

Meals and accommodations are included in your investment.


Forever Access to Stabilize

and Scale Course:

Gain access to our tried and tested method for stabilizing and scaling your practice, with the ability to re-take live learning days and join upcoming scheduled calls.

This package is valued at $6,500.

Plug and Play Dashboard

Keep track of the data you need to keep a pulse on your growing practice with our plug and play dashboard, valued at $2,000.

130+ Page Workbook

Organize your learning, blueprint your vision, and stay accountable to the changes you're making with our coveted workbook, valued at $999.

Private Facebook Group

Join our community of like-minded peers, find cheerleaders, and gain accountability as you learn alongside your fellow entrepreneurs. Katie and Shaelene are active members of the group and answer questions regularly.

Templates and Policies

Access our done-for-you templates for job descriptions and more, along with valuable policies and protocols to help you streamline your business.

Bonus Trainings

Access additional bonus trainings on topics such as moving to a salaried model, building your leadership team, and making data-driven decisions.

Exclusive Level Two Trainings

Level up your leadership team and have your practice run without you with our exclusive level two trainings.

You'll have everything you need to succeed and thrive as a group practice owner. We hold nothing back and are committed to providing you with the tools, resources, and support you need to achieve your goals.

Still with us?

Let's get to know each other!

Shaelene Kite is a DBT-LBC Certified Clinician, Registered Yoga Teacher, Approved Clinical Supervisor and the owner of DBT of South Jersey. She leads a group practice of 20 that has continued to grow rapidly since its opening in 2018. DBT of South Jersey hit its first $1 million plus in revenue in just two short years after opening its doors, and continues to grow in revenue in subsequent months and years. Shaelene is also a speaker, educator and trainer who recently launched her second business, Rebelmente, for helping other practice owners learn, grow and thrive both clinically and professionally.

Katie K. May is therapist, course creator and business consultant who owns Creative Healing, a teen support center with three locations in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Katie leads a team of 20 with her mission to help teens learn to manage big emotions and cope with confidence to create a life they love. Creative Healing earned its place on the Philadelphia 100 fastest growing businesses list two years in a row and has grown her $2 million dollar business by at least 33% every year since it's inception in 2017.  Katie owns the Visionary Therapist brand and has led hundreds of therapists to full groups and 6-figure practice success.

Quarterly Learning Days

Each day is centered around a theme to ensure that you have all the tools you need to run a successful practice that still upholds your values. You'll walk away with tangible steps and focus filters to keep you and your team on track.

Paint Your Vision

Gain clarity on where your practice is headed and create a big-picture plan that outlines the necessary steps to achieve your goals. Build a team that aligns with your practice values, creating a culture that supports your vision.

People + Structure

Use our people analyzer tool to assess whether the right people are in the right seats. Develop a chain of command that minimizes interruptions and build a leadership team that strengthens your practice.

Meetings + Metrics

Create a dashboard that tracks meaningful data and holds you and your team accountable for hitting targets. Learn how to build and run productive meetings that move your practice forward.


Develop a VIP process for creating systems and train your team to create them when there are missing links. Conduct an operations assessment to identify areas that need improvement, and learn how to use quality assurance to ensure your processes are being followed.

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To Our BIPOC Community:  As part of our commitment to reparative actions, we offer a 15% discount with the coupon code BIPOC15 at checkout. This discount is entirely optional and provided as an expression of our support for the BIPOC community.

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