Stabilize & Scale

An immersive business breakthrough experience

For entrepreneurial group practice owners who want to beat burnout, crush self-doubt and stabilize rapid growth so they can scale with intention.

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Group Practice Owners, We See You.

You're an entrepreneur who was made for big things.
Your brain lights up like a Christmas tree with new ideas that make money and all you have to do is show up as yourself and share them.  
You've experienced rapid growth through the pandemic.  It's super rewarding and... 
it's fucking exhausting.

You love the impact and income of having a group practice and yet...

You've hit the ceiling.

Growing is getting confusing and overwhelming.  
Systems are bottlenecking and breaking down.
Employees are expecting more pay and more benefits for hours they don't want to work and productivity goals they haven't met in years.
Counseling centers are being bought out or beat out by tech companies and venture capitalists and you're starting to understand why.
You're determined to be on the winning side of statistics to forge your mission forward.

It's time to Stabilize & Scale!

We'll guide you to self-managing million dollar companies
and major community impact
while living a life you love
outside the daily grind.

Vision Clarity

Get everyone in your company 100% on the same page with where you are going and how you plan to get there. Create cohesion and team buy-in for building the future of your practice.

The Right People in 
the Right Seats

Your practice is only as good as the people who work within it.  Learn the tools and disciplines to develop great team members who are hungry to help you succeed.

The Data to Predict
Profitable Patterns

Learn to run your business on facts, figures and objective information rather than the flooding of feelings that often drive your decision making (and your stress level.)

Overcome the Issues

Uncover every broken system, bottleneck and shit-starter in your business and develop a repeatable pattern for solving problems at the root.  No more holding your practice together with band-aids, packing tape and twine.

Perfect Your Processes

Get everything done in your business the right way every single time.  No more confusion.  No more "quick question" emails a million times a day.  Gain consistency and scalability for your vision.

Maximize Momentum

Bring your vision to the ground, with the right leadership team, the right meetings and the right priorities.  Become an unstoppable force.

A Handpicked Cohort to Catalyze Your Mission Success.

Ask yourself the following questions before you apply…


Am I a group practice owner who has at least 10 employees or hit the million dollar revenue mark? If so you are perfect for our SCALING Cohort


Do I have at least one employee or contractor in my group practice?  Do I need help growing smart because I have a BIG vision? If so, you are an ideal match for our GROWING Cohort


Am I ready to release control to build up (or strengthen) a team that shares my vision AND shares the responsibility for company success?  In other words, am I ready to stop sitting in every seat and empower my employees to step up?


Do I want a culture of accountability with smooth systems and predictable profitability?  And if I do, am I prepared to lose my most draining and difficult employee in the process?



Empowering Strategies

"Working with Shaelene has given me more than I imagined in terms of return on my investment. She brings a rare combination of deep clinical expertise and business savvy together, and she has been incredibly generous in sharing her knowledge and coaching me to be a more competent DBT therapist while also helping me to tighten up my business to be more efficient and more profitable." 

Accountability & Mindset

"I've been doing coaching with Katie.  She's been a joy to work with.  She is keeping me accountable and helping me with the less fun things like setting firmer boundaries, developing more clear processes and thinking like a business owner.  I feel like I'm getting a great blend of support and coaching.  Also, her model is similar to that of my practice so it is easy to learn from what she's doing."

Still with us?

Let's get to know each other!

Shaelene Kite is a DBT-LBC Certified Clinician, Registered Yoga Teacher, Approved Clinical Supervisor and the owner of DBT of South Jersey. She leads a group practice of 20 that has continued to grow rapidly since its opening in 2018. DBT of South Jersey hit its first $1 million plus in revenue in just two short years after opening its doors, and continues to grow in revenue in subsequent months and years. Shaelene is also a speaker, educator and trainer who recently launched her second business, Rebelmente, for helping other practice owners learn, grow and thrive both clinically and professionally.

Katie K. May is therapist, course creator and EOS business consultant who owns Creative Healing, a teen support center with three locations in the Greater Philadelphia area.  Katie leads a team of 20 with her mission to help teens learn to manage big emotions and cope with confidence to create a life they love. Creative Healing earned its place on the Philadelphia 100 fastest growing businesses list two years in a row and has grown her $1.6 million dollar business by at least 33% every year since it's inception in 2017.  Katie owns the Group Guru brand and has led hundreds of therapists to full groups and 6-figure practice success.

Stabilize, Scale & Celebrate

Together with your high-acheiving and awe-inspiring peers


Breathe, Balance, Prepare

Cultivate your leadership mindset and grab the roadmap.  Learn the tools to simplify your structure and soothe your growing pains.  Identify your winning metrics and gain access to the "Momentum Meeting" structure to supercharge your team cohesion as you embark on your next-step journey together.



Plan & Pack Your Bags

Solidify your core values and focus of your company.  Develop your mission statement rallying cry.  Pinpoint your repeatable marketing strategy and one-touch handoff plan for profits.  Gain access to the "Breakthrough Blueprint" model to target your top priorities without losing traction.


Climb the Mountain

Gain focus and momentum with peer support and accounability.  Obliterate barriers with mindset magic and concrete tools for real results without the fluff.  Check in on priority projects, push them forward to acheive your vision, work your mission and make a massive impact on the community you serve.


Enjoy the View

We'll gather together in our retreat destination for two full days to maximize your success, bust through any remaining blocks together, cast the vision for your next year and build out your blueprint for continuing to gain momentum.  You'll know exactly how to scale your next mountain with confidence and capability.

Your Investment

Pay in Full


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12 Payments


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The Deliverables

As a concrete outcome of our work together, the following will be delivered to you:

  • An organized 1, 5 and 10 year vision with clearly defined success measures and accountability to execute your goals.
  • An accountability chart visually branded to your company that illustrates your organizational structure and key performance indicators in each role.
  • A “people analyzer” tool to align on core values and job capacity to ensure that your team is composed of the right people in the right seats.
  • A “scorecard” of company metrics to track that will enable you to track progress and to forecast the future trajectory of your business to make informed decisions.  Your very own highly coveted business dashboard.
  • A tool for ongoing quarterly delegation so that you can elevate to freedom and fulfillment in your unique ability as the leader of your company.
  • A tool for developing quarterly projects for yourself and your team so that you can gain maximum impact and continued momentum.
  • A Facebook group for weekly accountability, feedback and status check-ins.  We will not let you get off track.  When you win we all win!
  • BONUS!  Sign up and get full access to the Fill Your Group Fast Workshop too!  Take it yourself or delegate it to your team.  Get your groups started, running and growing like magic.


The Details

First, we'll meet online to structure your organzation and vision for maximum success.

We'll meet bimonthly for 4 hours of online instruction, connection, accountability and momentum.

Meetings occur on Fridays from 10 am to 2:30 pm.

*Can't make it live to one of our sessions?  ALL material also has on-demand video tutorials, workbooks and examples for you to reference... yours to keep! 

We'll gather together for a 2 full day in-person retreat in historic Philadelphia.

  • Meet and greet 
  • Gain two full days of learning, connection and accountability
  • Create your big moves and next steps together with your high vibe peers

Complete the form below and Katie or Shaelene will personally reach out with details.  We're keeping this a close circle of high-achieving peers so the info is top secret!

The all-inclusive price point includes four 4-hour days of online content and teaching, a Facebook group for continued connection and accountability, a course portal of videos and workbooks for strengthening your understanding of the material plus the culminiating 2 day destination retreat:

  • 4 online working days (4 hours each)
  • 2 days of mastermind content and coaching
  • Breakfast, lunch and continuous beverages throughout our meeting days.

Members of the program can jump in to any future cohort for online learning and a "booster" of support.  We're with you for the long haul!

You'll know your cohort members well by the time we meet in person!  We offer ongoing accountability and relationships leading up to in-person event.  

Our content is structured and designed to grow with your company.  It's the gift that keeps on giving because you can return to it at every point of growth.  

We'll meet in charming and historic Old City, Philadelphia.  The closest hotel is the Penn's View Hotel, which is one block and walking distance from the workshop space

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