Elevate Your Leadership Team

Solidify Your Leadership.  Transform Struggles into Ownership. Ready to Empower Your Team's Independence.

$200/month for up to 5 members of your leadership team.

6 month minimum commitment

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Solid practices need more than just clinical supervisors. They need leaders.

Leaders who can coach, hold teams accountable, and navigate difficult conversations seamlessly.

Without these skills, growth stagnates and company culture suffers.

An Investment In Your Vision

Strong Leaders
They don't just manage; they inspire, empower, and drive teams to success.
Positive Culture
Boost morale, foster teamwork, and encourage growth.
Free Up Your Time
As a visionary, your focus should be on growth, innovation, and impact. Let your leaders handle the details.

 Elevate Your Leadership Team

Designed to equip your leadership team with all the tools they need to not just supervise, but to lead with confidence.
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Facilitated by Lisa Besler, LPC and Clinical Director at DBT of South Jersey.

With Lisa, you're in the hands of an expert who understands the nuances of leadership and the intricacies of team dynamics.

Program Details

Instant access to on-demand course content in the following areas:

Coaching and Accountability:

  • Empower your leaders with the tools to provide effective coaching and establish a culture of accountability.
  • Harness the power of positive feedback, fostering growth and continuous improvement within your team.

Onboarding & Orienting Your Team:

  • Ensure seamless transitions for new team members through a structured onboarding process.
  • Equip leaders to orient their teams, promoting cohesion and setting a strong foundation for success.

Structuring Meetings & Reaching Your Numbers:

  • Transform meetings into dynamic sessions that drive results and engagement.
  • Learn strategies to efficiently reach your goals and enhance your team's performance.

Difficult Conversations & PIPs:

  • Equip your leaders to navigate tough conversations and implement Performance Improvement Plans effectively.
  • Foster growth and improvement even in challenging situations.

Monthly Interactive Consultation Hours held on Zoom every second Wednesday of the month.

  • 11 am Eastern / 8 am Pacific


Here's What You're Going to Learn

✔️ Essential leadership skills: coaching, accountability, and mastering difficult conversations.
✔️ Conducting PIPs (Performance Improvement Plans).
✔️ Efficiently running weekly meetings.

✔️ Understanding critical numbers and maintaining a positive company culture.


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