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From 3 clients to 12 in 6 weeks!

While previously everyone ignored her outreach efforts, Sally was able to go from 3 clients to 12 in 6 weeks time using the scripts and templates in the Become a Group Guru course!  "I benefitted in terms of my practice growing overall. When I started the BaGG course, I had three clients. I went up to 12." 

~Dr. Sally Nazari of


22 Ways to Get Visible and Fill Your Group

This stuff really works!

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31 Shares + 970 views in one day!

Seida was a new counselor working on getting visible in her community to build her know, like and trust factor.  "We were challenged to step outside of our comfort zone and passionately discuss our group via video. I was nervous, but I followed through and posted it in my business Facebook page. Within ONE day, I had 31 shares + 970 views to the video marketing my group!!!"

~Seida Hood,


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