Episode 30 | Racial Trauma,Empowerment & Adjustment Struggles for Young Black Women

bipoc online women Nov 18, 2021

The Group Work Podcast. Find out what happens in the space where group therapy takes place.

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Jazrael Turner (LMFT) joins Katie to discuss how her virtual group helps black women be their authentic selves. They talk about why her group is called Adjust Your Crown, her experience running a strictly virtual practice, helpful ways to screen for your group, and how you can make a group successful even with just three members. 

Jazrael Turner is a marriage & family therapist in Pennsylvania. She mainly works with black women aged 18-30 and runs a group called Adjust Your Crown. 


[00:38] Who is Jazrael Turner (Black Women’s Group)? 

[04:24] Why this therapist runs a strictly virtual private practice. 

[08:28] Why she helps young black women adjust their crown (and what that means). 

[11:18] How you can make sure to get the best fit participants for your therapy group.  

[14:23] Creating an intimate space: How many members should be in my group? 

[15:59] Can you run group therapy with just three members (and how)? 

[17:52] When should you practice self-disclosure as a therapist in your group? 

[19:17] How is this group for black women structured? (creative homework and more)

[21:31] How can you keep your group therapy sessions flexible? 

[22:37] Should your clients come back to a group when their round ends? 

[24:02] How you can address concerns your clients have about online therapy groups. 

[26:39] Resources for therapists who want to work with Black girls.

[27:44] Top tip for therapists who want to run a group for Black women. 

[28:44] How to connect with Jazrael Turner. 

3 Key Takeaways 

  1. Screening question ideas: 
    • How comfortable are you with showing up? 
    • How comfortable are you with coming to this space and being your authentic self? 
    • You must try to put out what you’re trying to get in. 
  2. If you clearly articulate in your marketing exactly who your group is for and the attributes of members who would be a good fit, then usually you would only get inquiries from people who fall under the criteria you set out. 
  3. When making judgment calls about whether you should participate in self-disclosure, consider if disclosing will be helpful or harmful for your clients.  Here are some questions that can help you decide:
    • Is it safe to disclose this information? 
    • Will my clients be receptive to what I disclose? 
    • Will disclosing this make the group about me? 
    • Will it help you add context? 

Tools & Resources

Connect With Jazrael: Instagram | Psychology Today | Therapy for Black Girls

Therapy For Black Girls: Website

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