Episode 31 | Pandemic Mamas Group

Dec 02, 2021

The Group Work Podcast. Find out what happens in the space where group therapy takes place.

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Heather Janz joins Katie to discuss her group: Pandemic Mamas. They discuss why becoming a mom during the pandemic was a unique experience and how that inspired the creation of the group.  The Pandemic Mamas group is for moms with children aged 0-2. It is a 12-week program. 

Tune in to learn why you shouldn’t spend too much time worrying about the perfect time and price for your group. 

Heather Walker Janz is a licensed marriage and family therapist in California. She runs Janz Family Therapy - a group practice that she established in 2019. 

Fun fact: Heather went to high school with Colin Kaepernick!


[00:00] Who is Heather Walker Janz (Pandemic Mamas)? 

[05:59] Ideal clients for the group: the unusual experience of becoming a mother in a pandemic


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