Episode 28 | Multi-State Online Grief Support Groups

grief online Nov 04, 2021

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Shannon Heers, who runs a grief group, joins Katie to discuss the power of normalizing and validating grief. They talk about the emotional toll of facilitating a grief group, what it’s like to be in a grief group, and some great tips for therapists who want to run grief groups of their own. 

Shannon Heers is the founder of Catalyss Consulting and is a Licensed Professional Counselor. 


[00:00] Who is Shannon Heers (Grief Groups)?

[05:05] How Shannon Heers started a grief group (and how it works). 

[08:02] The lonely feeling that grief groups normalize and validate.

[09:15] How is loss defined in this grief group? 

[11:12] What the experience inside a grief group is like. 

[13:52] How it feels to facilitate a grief group. 

[15:23] What makes people feel that it is time to leave (graduate) a grief group. 

[16:52] Tools and resources therapists can use to keep the conversation going in a grief group. 

[17:58] How you can co-facilitate a grief group. 

[19:48] Is there a screening process to enter this grief group? 

[21:02] The unavoidable challenge of running a grief group. 

[22:52] Top tip for therapists wondering if running a grief group is a good choice. 

[24:00] How to connect with Shannon Heers (or even join the grief support group). 

3 Key Takeaways 

  1. “Other people think I should just be over it now” is one of the ways people who need grief groups feel. A grief group normalizes and validates those feelings. 
  2. If you are a therapist who is thinking of running a grief group, remember to do something wholesome after facilitating your grief group (eg: go give your kids a hug).
  3. Accepting a loss is usually the point in time when grief group members feel ready to graduate from their grief group. 

Tools & Resources

Connect with Shannon Heers:  Website | LinkedIn

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