Episode 38 | Encouraging Intern Growth & Groups

anxiety interns online teens Apr 07, 2022

The Group Work Podcast. Find out what happens in the space where group therapy takes place.

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Dr. Tara Sanderson joins Katie to discuss how she empowers interns to be skilled therapists who run great groups in her private practice. During the episode they discuss how to transfer your wisdom to interns in your private practice, how to create meaningful learning experiences for them, and why teaching interns with the end in mind is so powerful. 

Dr. Tara Sanderson is a licensed psychologist and MBA. She is a supervisor and group practice owner. She teaches courses on how to start a private practice and how to have interns in your practice. 


[00:00] Who is Dr. Tara Sanderson?

[01:26] Why does Dr. Tara focus on supporting interns in her private practice?

[04:08] How to hire associates who are receptive to training interns OR How to make sure your private practice interns receive the mentorship they need. 

[06:32] Encouraging interns to run teen groups (even though it’s outside their comfort zone). 

[11:14] Role-play process for training interns to run groups. 

[13:07] The anxiety curriculum they use. 

[14:12] How many interns run a group (and how to maintain a quality learning experience for them)?

[17:20] Having backup plans for technology failures. 

[20:25] Should you hire the interns after their internship with you?

[22:51] Filling your intern’s caseloads - making sure it happens. 

[25:23] Tips for if you want interns to run your groups.

3 Key Takeaways 

  1. Taking interns in your practice requires courage because you become responsible for other people. If you have associates, ask them how they feel about sharing their wisdom in order to create a culture where learning and giving back is a core value in your practice. 
  2. Running groups with teens can be intimidating for interns. Roleplaying can significantly diffuse intimidation. Role-playing works because you are rehearsing behaviors for when you need them. 
  3. When your interns take templates and materials and make them their own (by adding their own twist to the material) - it is a sign of deep learning and growth. It shows a critical engagement in and with the work.

Tools & Resources

Connect with Dr. Tara Sanderson: Website | Get Interns In Your Practice | Dr. Sanderson and Associates   

The Anxiety Skills Workbook

The Anxiety Workbook for Teens

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